Our Story

It all began when I experienced hair loss due to a combination of treatment (dialysis) and medication. My hair started to shed excessively, leaving me hesitant to even touch it. My scalp became sore and tender, reminiscent of the discomfort I felt on the first day of my dialysis journey, with needles in my arm. This led me to delve into research and concoct various remedies in my parents' kitchen, much to the amusement of my brothers who teasingly referred to it as my peanut butter and jelly hair concoction. As time passed, I was pleasantly surprised to witness my scalp gradually healing, with the pain subsiding when I ran my fingers through my hair. Moreover, I began noticing a thickening effect on my hair strands. One day, a co-worker, struggling with post-partum shedding after giving birth to her first child, took notice and expressed her interest in trying whatever I was using in my hair. After a month of using my homemade remedy, she too noticed a difference and became a regular user, spreading the word about this remarkable solution that some have come to refer to as "liquid gold."