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"I started my hair journey using Krucrown hair products about 6 months ago. Prior to my hair journey, I did not wear my natural hair out in public. The perimeters of my hair was completely gone. Absolutely no hair. bald! Since I started using Krucrown hair products, I am seeing hair growth. My bald spots are filling in, I'm growing hair in the front and my hair has thickened. A couple of months ago, I did something that I had not done in years. I wore my natural hair out in public for the first time. It felt so good. My hair feels amazing."

~ Chistine

"I used this product even before it had a name and LOVED IT. The shampoo was gentle and moisturizing. During this time I had just had my first child and did not know what to do with the shedding. I kept cutting my hair until I got my hands on the shampoo. Just with the first wash, I noticed a huge difference in the amount of shedding. I was so surprised at the immediate result. With my second child I did not have any hair issue. I started my regiment as soon as I was able to wash my hair after giving birth. I just want to say thank you."

~ Betelhem

"When I started to experience hair loss, especially in the middle of my scalp, I tried many different hair products but unfortunately, none worked. However, when Kru crown was launched, I was a little skeptical but excited to try it. So far, I have had great results. My hair has grown especially where I was experiencing hair loss. My hair is now strong and healthy."

~ Kebbeh

"I do love all of the products, first the packing is very professional and make you want to use the products right away. I have used it twice and like the way my hair feels after every wash."


"Great product. Looking forward to seeing my hair growth journey while using this product. Excellent packaging and delivery time."

~ Jacqueline

"I absolutely love the consistency, smell, and effectiveness of the oil! My scalp craves it and I can tell that lots of thought went into its creation."

~ Manuela

"Love the mint in the conditioner. It not only soothes my scalp, it leaves my hair feeling extremely soft. Highly recommended!!"

~ Adama

"Ever since I started to consistently  take care of my hair with KruCrown, I’ve witnessed so much change. I experience minimal shedding, my hair getting thicker and most importantly, my edges have returned! I’ll forever be a KruCrown gyal! "

— Mel